TOPDECK HEROES is a work in progress card game by Asher Stuhlman.

It has simple rules but interesting and complicated gameplay. You can play with prebuilt thematic decks or mix and match to play with interesting combinations.

Each card has rankings in Power, Deftness, Knowledge, and Fortune. When a player declares a challenge, they choose one of those rankings and try to assemble a higher total then their opponent. Every time you win a challenge, you get a trophy and a bonus depending on the challenge type. The first player to collect 15 trophies wins.

This playtest file includes decks themed around Mario and D&D, as well as individual cards with other themes. This is to demonstrate the versatility of the game and doesn't represent the intended theming of a final product. If this game is published, I hope it's through a company that has a wide variety of properties available to them that can use it as a way to have their properties cross over.

You can playtest this game online through Cockatrice, a free card game client originally intended for Magic: the Gathering. It's lightweight and easy to use.

This is the download link. (Version 0.1.9, 5/17/20)

Here are two sample card images to whet your appetite:

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